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Rev. Dr. Ted Tromble

Youth Leader:
Abby Lauerman


Worship schedule:

8:30 a.m. Sunday School (ages 4-adult)

10:00 a.m. Worship

9:00 a.m. Summer Worship
(June-Labor Day weekend)



Coming September 2010 -- watch for more information.

We host the Alpha Course!

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Get Involved

We offer a number of opportunities for involvement at Christ Alone Church:


The Alpha Course is a bedrock Christian faith program introducing people to the basics of Scripture and Christianity.  The Alpha Course is offered two to three times a year, usually in the fall, after Christmas and after Easter.  Dinner is served each week and child care is provided.

The Alpha Marriage Course was developed for any couple wanting to invest in their relationship — whether they have been together one year or sixty-one years, and whether they have a strong or a struggling relationship.  A dinner is served each week.  Sessions are generally held twice a year, in the fall and in the spring.

Sunday School is at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday morning for the entire family grade 4K through adult.  Studies are chosen that teach God-honoring Biblical values that connect with life experiences and encourage you to apply what you’ve learned to your everyday life.

Five Day Club is our vacation Bible school which introduces children ages 5 to 12 to the life-transforming Jesus through Bible lessons, puppets, games, singing, prayer, memory verses and snacks.


Mary & Martha Circle meets the second Thursday of each month at noon in the church lounge.  Bring a sandwich to share with the group.  A Bible study is a part of each meeting, and the group reaches out through the following ministries:

  • The Caring Closet at East High School which provides socks, hats and mittens, and personal care items to students in need of a little extra help.
  • Knitting baby caps on behalf of four million newborn babies in the developing world.
  • Sewing sun dresses for girls in Africa.
  • Creating prayer shawls to share with friends and neighbors.
For more information, contact Sandra Ballard or Maureen Mannion.

Grace Group is a Christian small group for healing damaged emotions and relationships, and then walking into freedom and joy in Christian community.  An honest look at the effect of abuse, neglect, and devastating losses will be discussed.  Grace Group runs for sixteen sessions, there is a curriculum fee and homework, pre-registration is required, the orientation meeting is open to all, but will be limited to six people.  The group is closed after the first meeting.  For more information, contact Ellen Uebele.

Alcoholics Anonymous meets each Wednesday from 8:00-9:00 p.m. in the church lounge.  Meetings are “open” which means that friends, family members and anyone interested in AA or affected by addiction is encouraged to attend.  For more information, contact Dave Woods.

Tuesday Prayer Fellowship meets each Tuesday from 9:30-10:30 a.m. in the church lounge, where we seek God’s guidance and pray for needs near and far.  For more information, contact Jean Stock or Amy Ward.

Men and Boys Retreats include a snow retreat, a fishing trip and a deer hunter’s camp.  Watch for upcoming announcements of future trips.  For more information, contact Jon Brassfield or Lon Snow.

Soul Care Retreats are half day, full day and overnight retreats for intentional soul care.  These include teaching, reflective Bible reading, silence, and communal worship while creating time for deepening your inner journey with God.  Open to all.  For more information, contact Ellen Uebele.

Spiritual Direction Groups help focus your attention on God through your spiritual autobiography, engaging in spiritual practices and finding God’s purposes for your life.  This will also deepen your spiritual friendships.  A group runs for eight sessions, is limited to six people, and is closed after the first session.  For more information, contact Ellen Uebele.

Reaching Out

Excellence in Children is a missional outreach we have at Webster Elementary School.

  • The Good News Club is an after school program offered on Wednesdays during the school year.  Theme based activities include Bible lessons, songs, Scripture memorization, missionary stories, snacks and games.
  • Munchies for Munchkins provides snacks for students in need.
  • Dressed for the Weather provides snow pants and boots for students in need.

Fall Faith Renewal Sunday is our annual kickoff of the new church year (the Sunday after Labor Day), where we begin our Sunday School and have a picnic for our church family and neighbors.  This is a fun time for sharing fun, food, games and activities.

The Great Giveaway is an annual event where donated clothing and household items are made available at no cost to our neighbors in need.  A free pancake and porkie breakfast is served.

Salvation Army’s Adopt a Family provides Christmas gifts for a family in need.

Mission Trips are scheduled based on need in our country.  A recent trip ministered to the people in tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri.

World Vision Gifts provide emergency food for children, livestock, clean water, seeds, fruit trees, training and tools to families worldwide.

Compassion International allows individuals to ‘adopt’ a child and help support them.